Elizabethan Hall at Tixall from Plot Edward Aston (1494-1568) a prominent Staffordshire protestant, built an Elizabethan Hall at Tixall in 1555. He had married well: First to Mary Vernon, daughter of Sir Henry Vernon, who died without issue in 1525, and then to Jane Bolles, daughter of Sir Thomas Bolles of Penho in Monmouth who was Chancellor of the Exchequer. 

Tixall Gatehouse His son, Sir Walter Aston (1529-1589) another prominent Staffordshire protestant, built Tixall Gatehouse around 1580. In August 1586 the Hall was the temporary prison of Mary Queen of Scots while her quarters at Chartley were being searched for incriminating evidence.

  Sir Walter's grandson became Walter, First Lord Aston at the coronation of James 1st. He was sent to Spain as Ambassador from 1620-1625 to try and arrange a marriage between the Infanta daughter of Philip III, and Charles, Prince of Wales.On his second visit from 1635-1638 he became a Roman Catholic. His successors were then subject to increased taxation and political and social isolation as recusants.

Tixall Gatehouse with ruins of Old Hall behind       In 1729, Walter, Fourth Lord Aston began to take down and rebuild Tixall Hall.This work was continued after his death in 1744, by his son, James, Fifth Lord Aston. Unfortunately, James died young in 1751, aged 28, leaving two young daughters, and an unfinished Hall.Barbara and Mary Aston

    The younger daughter, Barbara, married the Hon.Thomas Clifford, 4th son of Hugh 3rd Lord Clifford of Chudleigh in 1761. She inherited Tixall when she came of age in 1768, and Thomas set about building a new house and improving the estate.

     The new house incorporated the rebuilt east wing and quadrangle, with an impressive new range at the front as shown in an undated ground plan from Burton Constable.

Old Pront of Tixall Hall   Thomas Clifford's son, Thomas Hugh, inherited the Burton Constable Estates, Yorkshire in 1821 and took the name Constable. 

     Thomas Clifford's Granson, Thomas Aston Clifford Constable, decided to consolidate his estates in Yorkshire, and put Tixall up for sale in 1833. It failed to meet the reserve and was eventually sold in 1845 to Earl Talbot of neighbouring Ingestre. Tixall Hall was then rented out.

Tixall Lion at Lilleshall   The hall was eventually taken down in 1928/9, with some of the stone being used to build St John's Church chancel at Littleworth, Stafford. The two Coadstone Lions from the top of the single storey wings, were sold to the Lilleshall Estate for £5 and now guard the entrance to the National Sports Centre.

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