The Parish Council was founded in 1979 and has 7 elected members, 3 from Ingestre and 4 from Tixall. It usually meets at 7.30pm at Tixall Village Hall on the second Wednesday in May, July, September, November, January, and March. Currently the Clerk is also a Councillor and is therefore unpaid.

MEMBERS  2020/2021

CHAIRMAN:-  Mr M.Sindrey, Dairy Bridge Cottage,Tixall,      Tel: 01785 663767

VICE-CHAIRMAN:- Mrs S.Haenelt, The Lindens, Ingestre       Tel: 01889 270914

PARISH CLERK:-  Dr A.Andrews, 2, The Hanyards, Tixall,       Tel: 01785 246101

Mr N.Bostock, Tixall Lodge, Tixall,                                              Tel: 01785 661713

Mr D.Lees, April Cottage, Ingestre                                                Tel: 01889 270110

Mrs P.Parrott, Berry Hill, Holdiford Rd, Tixall                              Tel: 01785 663736

Mrs N.Woodhouse, 31, Bodmin Avenue, Stafford            Tel: 01785 663262

County Cllr.   Mr J.Francis, 200/2 Main Rd, Milford                    Tel:01785 665490
Borough Cllrs.  Mrs F.Beatty, 1, Newbolt Walk, Stafford            Tel: 01785 240667
  Mr A.Harp, Pear Tree Cottage, Garshall green, Nr.Milwich     Tel: 01785 505400

     Ingestre with Tixall Parish Council has a publication scheme in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and also publishes a Register of Members interests.
    Parish Council Data Privacy Notice.

    All Parish Council Procedures and Policies are described, and annually reviewed in the Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting held each May.
  The Minutes of the Annual Parish Meetings are also available, alongwith      Parish Council Meeting Minutes  and the Agenda for the next Council Meeting.  Please note that electronic copies of any appendix are available on request.
arish Council Finances.
   Parish Council information on HS2 Consultations, etc.
  The dates of meetings and Lorry Skip visits are shown in the Parish Council Diary.
    Ingestre and Tixall Conservation Areas have recently been updated as shown on the accompanying maps.

        Email contact:

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