The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Wednesday March 13th 2019. The Annual Parish Meeting will be on Wednesday April 3rd.

    The next Parish Council agenda and minutes for the past 12 months can be found on our website at:   (or Google Ingestre with Tixall Parish Council).


   Parish Council Elections will take place on Thursday May 2nd, but nomination papers will only be available on Wednesday March 27th and must be submitted by Friday April 3rd 2019. Current Parish Councillors will be up for election. It is important that we ensure that there are sufficient nominations to fill the vacancies or the election will be declared void and have to be rerun at considerable expense. Further information is available from the Clerk.


    The Parish Precepts will be the same as last year. This should result in a small decrease in the the Parish Rate.


          HS2: We are still waiting to hear what will happen to Ingestre Golf Club. The Parish Council is  anxious for the Club to remain in Ingestre to retain the Clubhouse for Community use and to protect the land immediately in front of Ingestre Hall.

          The Parish Council would like HS2 to provide a footpath along the edge of the fields opposite Ingestre Village from the entrance to Manor Farm & the Dower House to Home Farm corner, to provide a refuge for pedestrians and people with prams using the roads. In addition we are asking for a permanent roundabout at Hoo Mill crossroads.

          The Parish Council will be receiving copies of the Additional Provision plans in February. Copies would then be available for consultation at Ingestre & Tixall.


The Parish Council is contacting Open Reach and the County Council Broadband Officer regarding the provision of Superfast Broadband along Holdiford Road where properties have not been allowed to connect to the new Superfast Broadband by the Obelisk, and at St Thomas Priory and by the Crematorium Traffic Lights.


     Planning Applications: The application for a Brick wall and acoustic wooden fence with a brick archway in line with the Long Walk at Waterford House. No.18/29407/HOU has been permitted. The development at Brancote farm no.18/29007/PAR and the applications to move the Listed Phonebox at Tixall are still awaiting  decisions.


    The Parish Council has supported the 1997 application from Martin Reay for an alleged bridleway between Tixall road and the A51 at Colwich (Hoo Mill Lane) which will be considered at the County Council's Countryside and Rights of Way Panel on December 4th with a recommendation to allow it.


Welcome Pack for New Residents: If you are new to the area or know of any other newcomers, who have not already received a pack, please contact the Parish Clerk.


     Data Protection: Any personal information provided to the Council will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the new General Data Protection Regulation. If you provide any personal information in order to contact the Parish Council, e.g. name and email address, it will only be used  to address your concerns or for the benefit of the local communities of Ingestre and Tixall.

Similarly, if you would like the Parish Council to continue sending you our monthly newsheet electronically. Your email address will not be circulated as the mailing list is blind copied and will not be published on the internet or in hard copy. Your personal information will not be passed to any other organisation. You have the right to ask for your details to be deleted or corrected. For further information see our Data Privacy Notice on the Parish Council website at:


   Welcome Pack for New Residents: If you are new to the area or know of any other newcomers, who have not already received a pack, please contact the Parish Clerk.


  Anne Andrews  (Parish Clerk)  Tel: 01785 246101   Email:

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