The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Wednesday November 14th.

    The next Parish Council agenda and minutes for the past 12 months can be found on our website at:   (or Google Ingestre with Tixall Parish Council).


Detailed plans are currently being drawn up for additional land requirements for HS2. As soon as these are available, the Parish Council will receive them in hard copy for consultation and a meeting will be arranged between representatives of HS2 and the Parish Council. Following this meeting, they have offered a further meeting for local residents to discuss the additional requirements on a one to one basis with HS2 representatives. Both Bill Cash and Jeremy Lefroy the local MPS had complained in Parliament at the lack of detailed information they had received about the implementation of HS2.

The recently circulated HS2 Update does not appear to contain any new information.

It has been suggested that we might be able to get an HS2 Community Grant to provide a footpath along the edge of the fields opposite Ingestre Village to Home Farm corner, to provide a refuge for pedestrians and people with prams using the roads.


     Planning Applications: Variation of conditions on the previous application for new build at St Thomas Priory for Elan Homes Midlands Ltd. (mainly landscaping) is still awaiting a decision. They have told the Planning Office that this development will be called The Priory and numbered 1 to 10. St Thomas Canal Bridge will be closed for repairs until December. A diversion is signed via Holdiford Rd & Milford.


    The Village Hall Trustees have hit problems with moving the Tixall Listed phone box. It had been hoped to move the box to the boundary with Rose Cottage, an earlier village Post Office, but this would require a second meter and supply under the village road costing several thousand pounds. An alternative site had been suggested at the corner of the Village Hall where the Parking Notice is at present and near to the existing outside light.

    According to BT they have to get Phoneboxes delisted before they move them, and as they are cast iron they often develop cracks during moving. In any case BT have their boxes restored by a commercial company, e.g. before moving to a new location. We would have to pay for this if we could get it delisted. BT had also said that in order for it to be adopted in its current site, they would need to carry out a full consultation to request planning permission which would take 90 days. Alan Taylor, The Borough Conservation Officer was not happy with the proposed new location by the Village Hall as he believes it loses the context of the Listing.

    Mr Sindrey has said that he will not allow anyone to adopt the phone box in its present location and use it for another purpose. He will be contacting BT and asking them to remove their contents from the box, which is on his land, and he will then fence round it. It is not clear who would then be responsible for maintaining the Listed Phonebox, i.e. who would own it.


    The last Lorry Skip visits will be on October 13th, 9 10am near the corner by Home Farm Court, Ingestre and 10.15 11.15am at the Village Hall carpark at Tixall. The Parish Council has paid the bill of 633.33 + 126.67 for the provision of the skips at both sites for the year. The VAT will be reclaimed.


          The local police had been asked to post guidance on Whats App as to what was acceptable to report, but had not yet done so. There had been recent scares in Ingestre & Tixall where the Whats App had been useful for people living alone.


          The Ingestre Park Golf Club would like to welcome Ingestre & Tixall Parish residents to the Club as Social Members at a special rate. This would entitle them to use of the Clubhouse bar and restaurant facilities incl. hire of the Clubhouse for free for any occasion they may have i.e. birthday party, anniversary celebration. Each member receives a Club Diary which contains details of our social events and a Swipe Card which is required to gain access into the Clubhouse. They can also add money to their swipe card account at the Bar and use their card to purchase drinks at a reduced rate. They are offering Social Membership for the remainder of 2018 at 45 per person (normal price is 102).  Currently their subscription year is January to December however this is changing to April, therefore there is a one-off 15 month subscription period from 1st January 2019 31st March 2020 for which the Social fee for Ingestre & Tixall residents will be 12.50. For further details contact Sarah Sharp on 01889 270845 or



     Data Protection: Any personal information provided to the Council will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the new General Data Protection Regulation. If you provide any personal information in order to contact the Parish Council, e.g. name and email address, it will only be used  to address your concerns or for the benefit of the local communities of Ingestre and Tixall.

Similarly, if you would like the Parish Council to continue sending you our monthly newsheet electronically. Your email address will not be circulated as the mailing list is blind copied and will not be published on the internet or in hard copy. Your personal information will not be passed to any other organisation. You have the right to ask for your details to be deleted or corrected. For further information see our Data Privacy Notice on the Parish Council website at:


   Welcome Pack for New Residents: If you are new to the area or know of any other newcomers, who have not already received a pack, please contact the Parish Clerk.


  Anne Andrews  (Parish Clerk)  Tel: 01785 246101   Email:

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